Best Overall Bar 2002:


Best Overall Wings 2002:


Best Waitress 2002:

Julie: Cheers/JJ Kapps

Best SMYT by a BHON Member:

Derek J: For the blatant SMYT with Julie at Cheers.

Best BHON Patio Night 2002:

Mike G's House

BHON Character of the Year:

Shut the Fuck Up Guy

Gayest Performance of the Year:

The Band at Y-Not

BHON Freak of the Year:

The Midget from Hooter's

Best Dramatic Performance by a BHON Member:

Patrick: For his valiant, yet unsucessful attempt at getting Julie to reveal her preference on Bush Maintenance.

Best Return Performance by a BHON Member:

Lilly and Sue: For both showing up on the same night!

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Bugsys: For consistently good wings, the past 6 years without compromise.

BHON Event Co-ordinator of the Year:

Patrick: For rescheduling the Pintys' tour 4 times and still having enough stamina to make it a go, even when all you fuckers couldn't be bothered to reply!