Best Bar of 2003:

Hooter's Niagara Falls

Best Wings of 2003:


Best Waitress of 2003:

Angie - The Lazy Lizard

Worst Server of 2003:

The bitch at Mustang's

Best Newcomer of 2003:

Hooter's Niagara Falls

Quotable of the Year:

Derek J - What imported beers do you have on tap?
Waiter - Uh...we have Export?

Co-Winner: Porkchop Sandwiches!

BHON Character of the Year:

GI-Joe! (Porkchop Sandwiches!)

Most Amusing BHON of the Year:

The Mustang's Night

Best Performance by a BHON Member:

Patrick & Derek J - For their stunned silence when Janet responded to their shaved pussy comments.

Best Performance by a Non BHON Member:

Janet @ Hooters - For sitting down and telling us how much she appreciates shaved pussy, and shocking Patrick and Derek J!

Freak of the Year:

None Nominated

Best Comeback:

Derek H - Even though it was at JohnnyZ's place, what choice did he have?

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Bugsy's - For going on 8 years of consistency!