Best Bar of 2004:


Best Wings of 2004:


Best Waitress of 2004:

Jill - Hooters Niagara Falls

Worst Server of 2004:

The slow chick at Players.

Best Newcomer of 2004:

The Honest Lawyer

Quotable of the Year:

Mike B - She keeps that shit up, she won't be sucking MY cock tonight!

BHON Character of the Year:

Kevin the GHEY Elf

Most Amusing BHON of the Year:

Rememberance Day at Patrick Sheehans

Best Performance by a BHON Member:

Mike B - For managing to avoid an impaired driving charge after the Honest Lawyer Night.

Best Performance by a Non BHON Member:

Sterling Beer Rep - For her lame knowledge of the product she was supposed to be pitching.

Freak of the Year:

Sid the transvestite - no contest.

Best BANG!!!!:

Johnny Z - For having his car destroyed in front of Kevin's house.

Best Comeback:

Chris - for near perfect attendance this fall.

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Bugsy's - For going on 9 years of consistency!