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2024-07-18Annie NomynusBugsy’s - Restaurant sideLake + LakeshoreAh, breaker one-nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck. You gotta copy on me, Pig Pen, c’mon?....
2024-07-04Mike GPatio Night - Mike G’s HouseLake & CrescentwoodDriveway - Pack em in!
2024-06-20MikeBClubhouse MikeB Patio first ever! Come around out back!2nd and 3rd St. CatharinesGet off my lawn!
2024-06-06Mike and SteveManhattan’sScott and VineAu Graveleaux
2024-05-23JohnJohn Raso’s houseI don’t know. Axe him.Figure it out!
2024-05-09Your Mom’s CameltoeJoe Blo’s Bar and GrillSt. Paul West & Louth StreetIn Behind
2024-04-25H. OoliganHooligan’s Sports BarPortage Rd & O’Neil St.Vertical, stand on end.
2024-04-11Birthday BoyBugsy’sLake and LakeshoreAs close as possible
2024-03-28MikeBCLUBHOUSE @ MIKEB!2nd and 3rd St. CatharinesSomebody making a run to Bugsys for wings, so park accordingly.
2024-03-14Random roll of the diceRomby’sLake and LinwellNot near the Golf place
2024-02-29Leap Year BabySilks55 and Four Mile (not to be confused with 8 mile)Anywhere the weird lot will allow
2024-02-16MikeB FridaySpecial Friday night Clubhouse @ MikeB2nd and 3rd St. Catharines, On FridayAvoid the creek, on Friday
2024-02-01No more excusesEager BeaverDrummond and AtleeAround back if there’s nothing up front
2024-01-18LGBTQIA2S+Manhattan’s again, 2 in a row!Scott and VineGood luck, the lot is full.
2024-01-11Birthday BoyBugsy’sLake and LakeshoreAs close as possible
2024-01-04Too tired to be creativeManhatten’sScott and VineWhere you fit
2023-12-21MikeBCLUBHOUSE 2.0 -> MIKEB *Smoked Wings*2nd Ave and 3rd Street St. CatharinesDont drive over the rocks John!
2023-12-07SteveBugsy’sLake and LakeshoreAnywhere you find a spot
2023-11-09MikeBClubhouse 2.0 ! Don’t go to the old one2nd and 3rd St. CatharinesPick a driveway, any driveway.
2023-10-26MikeBManhattan’sScott and VineParallel or Perpendicular, like in Italy
2023-10-12JohnJohn Raso’s houseI don’t know. Axe him.Eh, get creative.
2023-09-28BHON Anniversary!Bugsy’sIf you don’t know by now you’re not paying attentionWheels down and not beside Mike. ;)
2023-09-14Rolin RoutineRomby’sLake and LinwellUpwind of the smoker
2023-08-17Grumpy old menManhatten’sScott and VineWith a tire iron even though the bar is empty
2023-08-03Mike GPatio Night - Mike G’s HouseYour Ass + My DrivewayNext to all the guys driving pickup trucks!
2023-07-20Curly, Larry and MoeBugsy’sLake and LakeshoreClose to the Timmies for coffee afterwards
2023-07-06Mr HattanManhattan’sScott and VineLand sea or air
2023-06-22MikeBCLUBHOUSE @ MIKEB!Summers and CryslerGood luck, the lot is full.
2023-06-08Smokey the Bear’s French BrotherRomby’sLake and LinwellUnder the cover of ash
2023-05-25Tired and ThirstyBugsy’sThis and that streetSame as always, close to the bar
2023-05-11We forgotThe Merchant Ale HouseSome Street downtownNot near the Gay Men’s Date Night
2023-04-27Radiation manManhatten’sScott and VineAnywhere you can find a spot
2023-04-13Birthday boy Part DeuxSand TrapMary and DorchesterSqueeze it in around back
2023-03-30MikeBBugsy’sLake + LakeshoreGive diagonal a try, don’t be a follower!
2023-03-16Court of Appeals- last chance, again.Hooligan’s Sports BarPortage Rd & O’Neil St.My moral compass is so broken I can barely find the parking lot.
2023-03-02Group EffortManhatten’sScott and VineAnywhere you can find a spot
2023-02-16Right onBugsy’sReally, you have to askSame as always, close to the bar
2023-02-02WTF GuyRomby’sLake and LinwellAnywhere you can find a spot
2023-01-19Group VoteClancy’s Restaurant and BarValleyway and StanleyNot by the gas pumps but anywhere else is fine
2023-01-05Me!Manhatten’sScott and VinePreferably wheels down
2022-12-08Last BHON of 2022!Bugsy’sLake & LakeshoreNext to all the guys driving pickup trucks!
2022-11-24Executive DecisionRomby’sLake and LinwellAnyplace but beside Mike B :)
2022-11-10ChrisThe SandtrapMary St & Dorchester - NOTLIn the sand
2022-10-27MikeBManhattan’sScott and VineGravel
2022-10-13BHON 26th AnniversaryBugsysReally, If you haven’t figured it out by probably aren’t really a member???
2022-09-15Group VoteCat’s CabooseGlenridge and a very winding roadAs far from me as possible.
2022-09-01Mike GPatio Night - Mike G’s HouseYour Ass + My DrivewayDon’t Park on the Economically Challenged
2022-08-18ConsensusMerchant Ale HouseSt. Paul and a messAnywhere you can find a spot
2022-08-04ChrisSandtrap Pub & Grill Mary St + Dorchester, Niagara On the LakeIn the sand
2022-07-21Not SteveManhattan’sScott and VinePRNDL, who cares.
2022-07-07Redemption timeHooligan’sPortage and O’NeilNot out front any more
2022-06-23Mike GPatio Night - Mike G’s HouseCock & ShaftRibbed for your Pleasure
2022-06-09Mike LitorisBugsy’sLake and LakeshoreOutside recommended
2022-05-26KristophosSilks55 and 4 MileIn the very funky parking lot
2022-05-12Me, myself and IreneManhattan’sScott and VineNot out front any more
2022-04-28DesperationRomby’sLake and LinwellNot on the patio
2022-04-14Steve with a new Truck!Cat’s CabooseGlenridge near Dennis MorrisNot Near Steve’s New Truck!
2022-03-31Minority PicksHooligan’sPortage and O’NeilAway from the pizza joint
2022-03-17MikeBClubhouse de la MikeBCollier+SummersOn the leprechaun.
2022-03-03Finally Until 11!Bugsy’sI forget, it’s been so longCan’t recall, last time was September 2020.
2022-02-17StardotstarManhattan Bar & GrillScott & VineGravel
2021-12-09MeMic and Angelo’sLundy’s Lane and that other streetOut back, hopefully no snow drifts
2021-11-25MikeBCat’s CabooseGlenridge & Glen Morris DriveIn the Caboose
2021-11-11Mike BClubhouseCrysler & SummersGit Off My Lawn!
2021-10-28Clint TorresMonty’s Ontario & LinwellWatch Out for Hayabusa’s
2021-10-14Don KeydikCat’s CabooseGlenridge & Glen Morris DriveBeside the Caboose
2021-09-30BHON 25th AnniversaryManhattan’sScott & VineRound back, don’t dent any Mustangs!
2021-09-16Mike GClancy’sStanley & ValleywayAt Chris’ Old House
2021-09-02Steve-McBangoRomby’s Smokehouse & TavernLake and LinwellOut front
2021-08-19SteveHooligan’sPortage Rd + O’Neil StHoly Fuck, We’re Going to a REAL Bar?!?!?
2021-08-05Quintin QuarantinoMike G’s PatioStreet and DrivewayWherever U want
2021-07-22MAGAManhattan Bar & GrillScott & VineYeah good luck
2021-07-08MikeBThe usual, clubhouse due to shithead government being complete chicken shits and not allowing indoor dining and it’s fucking raining.Collier+SummersIf garage is closed, use side door.
2021-06-24Dick GozinyaClubhouse de la MikeBCollier+SummersSlide it right in.
2021-06-10JohnSuper Secret Clandestine Patio NightCan’t Tell YouShhh, Don’t Tell Hirji!
2021-05-27Mike GPatio Night - Shhhhh, It’s a Secret!Loch + DoonSocially Distant
2021-05-13Zoomithttp:// hostingWhy bother, we are all under house arrest.
2021-04-29A Cunt by Any Other NameCancello du CancelmontSuck & MaiCoqIn Your Own garage
2021-04-15Quintin QuarantinoTested Positive, Now We’re Fucked!Self Quarantine Ave & Isolation RowIn Your own driveway
2021-04-01April FoolClubhouse de la MikeB Corona Ave and CanSino RdAs close as possible
2021-03-18Paddy O’LanternClubhouse de la RedZone, to save lives.Collier+Summers, to save lives.Please place a mask under each tire, to save lives.
2021-03-04MikeBClubhouse du MikeBCollier+SummersPlease park 6 feet apart to protect from the weak ass covid 19. Don’t need excuses, just RSVP.
2021-02-18Dr. HirjiNiagara STILL in Lockdown - FuckersStay Home and Jerk Off AgainStay Home and Save Gas
2021-02-04Dr. TamYour Own HouseYour Own DrivewayNo BHON for YOU!
2021-01-21Doug FordNo BHON for YOU!!!Covid and FuckedAt Fucking Home
2021-01-07Not Mike BNot at the ClubHouseNot In Violation of the RulesNope, You Must be Mistaken
2020-12-10Liqour in the front,Smoker in the rear.Collier+SummersFumee
2020-11-26MikeBBHON Clubhouse & SmokehouseCollier+SummersRSVP Only.
2020-11-25MikeBCat’s CabooseGlenridge & Glen Morris DriveIn the Caboose
2020-11-12SteveTrailside Bar and Grill, RidgewayNowhere Close, Fuck Me!Alongside
2020-10-29Borat 2Clubhouse de la MikeB - No Gypsies!Collier+SummersLook, there is a woman in a car! Can we follow her and maybe make a sexy time with her?
2020-10-15Spaghetti MonsterRomby’s Tavern & SmokehouseLake and Linwell, St CatharinesWhat about a tomat?
2020-10-15Emergency BackupBugsy’s Lake & LakeshoreExtreme Caution!
2020-10-01Executive VetoClubhouseCrysler and someplaceAnywhere but near the Mustang
2020-09-1724th AnniversaryHooligan’sCovid & QuarantineFacemasks Mandatory
2020-09-03ApathyBugsy’s Don’t care.Don’t give a flying fuck.
2020-08-20Da GroupManhattan’sVine and ScottTricky now that their patio is in the parking lot
2020-08-06Covid O’SuckitPatio Night - Mike G’s HouseLake and LakeshoreSocially Distanced of Course
2020-07-23MikeBClubhouse de la MikeBCollier+SummersPay Parking Covid Phase 2.5 instituted, give whatever $ to MikeB
2020-07-09CancelledCancelled and Condolences to Mike GCancelledAt your house.
2020-06-25Me (figure that one out)ClubhouseThorold, plenty of parking thereNot in the driveway if you can help it. JK! First come fist serve.
2020-06-11Covid O’SuckitMike G’s PatioSocially Distanced for Your PleasureAt your own house, go figure?
2020-05-28Fuck offFuch HaufFuque WoffFusken Hausfee
2020-05-14ZippyO’Covids Irish Pub & LaundromatOver by that green house and where that one store burnt down.Most Definitely
2020-04-30BatfinkPub Crawl! Schnitzel Corner Tavern, Da Bar, and end at London ArmsNoEffing Way + OneWayDeadEnd St6 feet apart
2020-04-16Sir CancelotCancello’s Bar and GrillCancelled St and Discontinued AveParking is no longer permitted
2020-04-02CancelledCancelled due to PandemicCorona St & Covid AveYour Own House
2020-03-19CancelledCancelled due to Coronavirus PandemicCovid & PandemicAt Home
2020-03-05MikeBBezosFront Street and the Hydro BuildingFigure it out.
2020-02-20Flappy the Donkey PuncherKim’s Wooden NickelLakeport and Linwell Avoid Getting Stabbed!
2020-02-06The Korona KidHooligan’sO’Neil and PortageLimp Home Mode
2020-01-23MikeO’sFrego’s Grillhouse & BarLake and LakeMulti Tiered
2020-01-09Baby YodaManhattan’sScott and VineAngled, perpindickular, stone, paved, slide it into the front, drive it into the rear.
2020-01-03Tits McGeeRMB -8AM Frego’s for New Years BreakfastLake and somethingMind the dropoff
2019-12-12Jolly Fat ManBugsy’sLake and LakeshoreNext to the reindeer
2019-11-28All your bases belong to usManhattan’sScott and VineWhere ever you can
2019-11-14Lazy BuggersHooligan’sO’Neil and PortageWheels down and not in a snow drift
2019-11-01Count ChoculaRMB -8AM Frego’s (skipping BHON due to trick or treaters)Lake and somethingDon’t go over the edge
2019-10-17Team AmericaClubhouse de la MikeBCollier+SummersNot in the tunnel!
2019-10-03Random pick du jourClancy’s Sports BarStanley and the 420Nowhere close to the Mustang
2019-09-19A. Nell SacksBugsy’s - 23rd BHON Anniversary Gala!Lake & LakeshoreWatch for Weed
2019-09-05Drunkin BoyooPatio Night at Mike G’sLake and LakeshoreAnywhere but the circle
2019-08-22Last Minute LucyHooligan’sThorold Stone and PortagePay Parking instituted, give whatever $ to MikeB
2019-08-08Lazy BuggersManhattan’sScott and VineOn top of anyone who gets in your way
2019-07-25Mike Litoris ya daft twat!Patio Night - Mike G’s House ya daft twat!Street & Driveway ya daft twat!P for Park Preferrably ya twat!
2019-07-11MikeBClubhouse a la MikeBCollier+SummerExtreme Caution!
2019-06-27Lazy BastardBugsy’sLake and LakeshoreAs close as you can
2019-06-13SteveClancy’sStanley & ValleywayOutside Recommended
2019-05-30Too tired to argueHooligan’sThorold Stone and PortageAmple if you know how
2019-05-16Retired ChrisThe Eager BeaverDrummond Between Dunn & McLeodMucho Bueno
2019-05-02Turd PolisherManhattan’s Bar & GrillScott & VinePull-in, Pull-out - repeat to completion
2019-04-18Grumpy old man tourMick and Angelo’sLundy’s Lane and MontroseSqueeze her in there
2019-04-04Random Pick du jeurGordsDowntownShould be plenty by the courthouse
2019-03-21Spring BreakReeb HouseHwy 3 and Vollyball pitAnywhere but in the sand
2019-03-07StreakPickerBugsy’sLakeshore and LakeNot near the cannabis shop
2019-02-21Because I said soClubhouse NightRichmond and ConfedAnywhere but on the lawn
2019-02-07Jizz MopperManhattan’sScott and VineAs soon as you find one
2019-01-24Frosty the SnowmanHooligan’sPortage & O’NeilNext to the Snowdrift
2019-01-10Long Dong SilverClubhouse (MikeB)Crysler/ConfederationMikeB
2018-12-27Holiday HiatusSee You All in 2019N/AN/A
2018-12-13KrampusBugsy’sLake St. & Lakeshore Rd.On the Ice.
2018-11-29WantonManhattan’s Bar & GrillScott & VinePark it right in the Parkingspot!
2018-11-15Emergency Relocation due to WeatherHooligansPortage & O’NeilBetween the ditches
2018-11-01Tired GuyThe ClubhouseCrysler and the roadAnywhere you can
2018-10-18Smoke Em if You Got Em!Monty’s PubOntario Street & Jaycee ParkWatch for Hayabusa’s
2018-10-18Emergency BackupBugsy’sLake & LakeshoreIf Monty’s Sucks
2018-10-04#MeTooHooligan’s Portage & O’NeilNot without my anus!
2018-09-2022nd AnniversaryManhattan’s Bar & GrillScott & VineBeside the Rusty Trombone
2018-09-06A Cunt!Clancy’sStanley Ave & Valleyway - Niagara FallsNot in a Cunt!
2018-08-23Mike LitorisPatio Night - Mike G’s HouseStreet & DrivewayP for Park Preferrably
2018-08-09Chris EvansBrewins Sports Bar and EateryDrummond and Portage BowtieLooks like alot
2018-07-26Popular DemandBugsy’sLake and LakeshoreVast amounts available
2018-07-12Mike BManhattan Bar & GrillScott & VineIn front, along side, in the behind
2018-06-28Patio Night!Mike G’s HouseLake & LakeshoreCircle the Wagons
2018-06-14Tired and boredBezo’sFront Street and the Hydro BuildingAnywhere you want
2018-06-14Squeaky WheelThe Riverside TavernPortage Rd & Bridgewater StAnywhere you want
2018-05-31Old Men’s ClubThe ClubhouseRichmond and ConfedAnywhere you want
2018-05-17Cory, Trevor and the Fuck-DonkeysManhattan’s Bar & GrillScott & VinePull-in, Pull-out - repeat to completion
2018-05-03Poor BoyHooligansPortage and O’NeilOn the slant
2018-04-19Random Pick of the WeekBezo’sFront Street and the Hydro BuildingAnywhere you want
2018-04-05Hive MindMerchant Ale HouseSt. Paul and take your pickNo Dogs so it should be easy
2018-04-05Backup SpotSo many optionsSame as the MerchantSame as the Merchant
2018-03-22Patty O’LanternsClubhouse Night!On Winterberry - LOL!Watch for drunk Brock Students left over from St. Patty’s Day!
2018-03-08Your Mom’s CuntHooligansPortage and O’NeilAngled for your pleasure
2018-02-22ChrisSilksHwy55 & Four Mile Creek Rd - VirgilNext to the walkers and mobility scooters!
2018-02-08Some CuntClancy’sStanley Ave & Valleyway - Niagara FallsAt Chris’ old house
2018-01-11MeBugsy’sLakeshore and LakeAnywhere you want
2017-12-14Last BHONHooligansPortage and O’Neilin between the lines
2017-11-30Crash BilodeauClubhouseRichmond and ConfedOut in front
2017-11-16BHON Grimsby Pub Crawl #1Teddy’s Sports Bar30 Main Street WMunicipal lot off Ontario Street
2017-11-16BHON Grimsby Pub Crawl #3The Forty Public House10 Main Street WMunicipal lot off Ontario Street
2017-11-16BHON Grimsby Pub Crawl #2Rikochez Pub and Eatery54 Ontario StMunicipal lot off Ontario Street
2017-11-02MikeBBezo’s Bar and Grill - 19 Front St N, Thorold (Was Overtime)Front and AlbertStreet, Lot, WTF cares
2017-11-02MikeBEmergency Backup - Overtime PubRichmond and TupperCrowded
2017-10-19MikeBClubhouse a la MikeBPolitically uncorrect movie night! Taking request, have Blazing Saddles queued up.Lets try angle parking!
2017-10-05Your Mom’s Gaping Vag!The Riverside TavernPortage & BridgewaterNot in the River
2017-09-2121st Anniversary PartyBugsy’sLakeshore and LakeNot near the cops
2017-09-07El CheapoHooligans5 CornersAnywhere now that the parking lot is paved
2017-08-24Da GuysReeb HouseHwy 3By the beer mug
2017-08-24Backup Spot by Tommy TuckaluckMoe’sHwy3 and 140Lots
2017-08-10Team AmericaLock Street Brewing Co & random restaurantAs far from the water as you canBring your hip waders
2017-07-27Mike GPatio NightMike G’s HouseDriveway
2017-07-13Noah SarkBugsy’sLake & LakeshoreBetween the elephants and the giraffes
2017-06-29Stinkwallet & the Purple Throb NozzleThe Celtic PubLake & SecordTry to stay out of the ditch!
2017-06-15Random Bar WheelThe Rex Hotel - WellandKing and somethingaround the back near the bikes
2017-06-01QuorumCat’s KitchenThoroldstone Rd and DorchesterNot on the patio
2017-05-19Twat Fiesta!The RiversidePortage & Bridgewater (Chippawa)Not in the River
2017-05-04Hans BrixThe Celtic ClubScott and SomewhereWhere ever there is room
2017-04-20ChrisPie Guys PizzeriaVansickle Rd & MacTurnbull DriveAcross from Club Roma
2017-04-06Richard Simmons Clubhouse a la MikeBThe usualDiagonal
2017-03-23DJ Donkeypunch & the FelchersThe Lazy LizardOntario St & Scott StAlong side the paint store
2017-03-09Lonesome ChickenBugsy’sLake and LakeshoreNot near the Timmies
2017-02-23ChrisThe Riverside Tavern - Chippawa8163 Cummington SquareBeside the cum dumpster
2017-02-09Jack Meehoff & Purple Helmet Yogurt SlingerThe RegencyMountain Rd and QEWAll over your face.
2017-01-26The regular guysThe Celtic ClubScott and SomewhereWheels down, roof up
2017-01-12Takir KlozovClubhouse a la MikeBX and YParkem if ya gottem
2016-12-08Tits McGeeThe Celtic PubLake and ScottIn the ditch
2016-11-24TrumpHooligan’s Niagara FallsPortage & O’NeilBy the Pussy
2016-11-10Chris EvansGrand CentralQueen and CryslerIn the parking lot behine
2016-11-10Emergency BackupTaps on QueenValleyway and QueenAnywhere you can
2016-10-27Coupon ClippersThe Celtic ClubLake and ScottOff to the side or out in front
2016-10-13Flat Wallet GroupReeb HouseHwy 3 and the Vollyball courtUnder the tree
2016-09-29Anniversary BitchesBugsy’s (Where else?)Lakeshore and LakeIn one of the numerous spaces outside
2016-09-15BHON Grimsby Pub Crawl #1Teddy’s Sports Bar30 Main Street WMunicipal lot off Ontario Street
2016-09-15BHON Grimsby Pub Crawl #2The Forty Public House10 Main Street WMunicipal lot off Ontario Street
2016-09-15BHON Grimsby Pub Crawl #3The Judge & Jester17 Main Street EMunicipal lot off Ontario Street
2016-09-01Stink Wallet and the Throb NozzleMike’s PatioMike’s HouseMike’s Driveway (or street)
2016-08-17Farewell Tour GroupOvertime Pub and GrillFront and AlbertOn the street unless your brave
2016-08-04Curly, Larry and MoeCeltic ClubScott and SomewhereAnywhere you can
2016-07-21Throat YogurtBugsy’sLake & LakeshoreBeside the cops next to the front door
2016-07-07Grimsby Haters GroupThe Bull MarketStanley and MurrayNot on the grass
2016-06-23Special BHON Summer Solstice Planetary AlignmentHooligan’s Niagara FallsPortage & O’NeilOn Uranus
2016-06-16Shame Glaze on your FaceThe Geekery PubMcLeod & Dorchester At Chris’ House
2016-06-16Emergency BackupThe Bull MarketStanley & Main - Niagara FallsMucho
2016-06-02MikeBClubhouse du MikeBCrysler and SummersWaterfront parking for the foolish
2016-05-19The Lone RearrangerThe Honest LawyerHartzel Rd and Clarendon AveOn the sides or at the back
2016-05-05Great GazooReeb HouseHwy 3 and the Vollyball courtUnder the tree
2016-04-21The need for BeerHooligansPortage and O’neilJust Park It / Nike
2016-04-07Psycho Bitch Mother NatureBugsy’sLakeshore and that other roadAs close to the door as you can get
2016-03-24Emergency Backup SpotCeltic ClubSecord and ScottAs close to the door as you can get
2016-03-10Duchess of DouchebaggerySt. Louis Bar and Grill (in St. Catharines)4th Ave and 1st Street LouthAcross from the hospital
2016-02-25DJ Donkeypunch & the FelchersHooligan’s Sports BarPortage & O’NeilAngled for your pleasure
2016-02-11Stink WalletThe Reeb HouseHwy 3 & White RdNot on the volleyball court
2016-01-28Tapioca Tube TuggerCeltic Pub Lake & SecordThroat & Tonsils
2016-01-143 Wise MenBugsy’sLakeshore and that other roadAs close to the door as you can get
2015-12-17MikeBMovie Night @Clubhouse (MikeB’s)Corner of Yonge and Restless# high maximul
2015-11-26We Haz Coupons!Celtic ClubSecord and ScottAs close to the door as you can get
2015-11-12Because we canRoad Trip - Reeb HouseHwy 3 and the big treeanywhere but under the tree
2015-10-29ChrisThe Bull MarketStanley & MainFucked if I know?
2015-10-15Queen LaQueefaHooligan’s Sports BarPortage & O’NeilAngled for your pleasure
2015-10-01Colon PuncherThe Celtic PubLake & SecordOutside recommeded
2015-09-17BHON 19th AnniversaryBugsy’sLake & LakeshoreMind the Construction
2015-09-03RainmanMike’s House - Patio NightJust up the street from his houseAnywhere but on the grass
2015-08-20Mr. EdCeltic ClubWhere two streets meetGet there early or yer walking a bit
2015-08-06Derek JTaps on QueenQueen & Valleyway, Niagara FallsNext to Chuck Norris
2015-07-23Peter PeniseaterPatio Night - Mike G’s HouseYou know where it isMy asshole
2015-07-09Mike BBHON ClubhouseMike B’s DrivewayPut your Tranny in Park (Not Caitlyn Jenner)
2015-06-25Caitlyn JennerBugsy’sWhere mt nutsack used to beTranny in P for Park, not Penis
2015-06-11Jizzy JizzmopperCeltic PubLake & SecordNot in the ditch
2015-05-28Some FagsQueen’s Guard (New Location)Portage Rd - ChippawaAcross from where it used to be
2015-05-14Quorum PickIggy’s Pub and GrubHwy 20 and Station St.Where ever you can find it
2015-04-30Cunty McCuntersonKully’s Sports BarSt. Paul & James StreetMarket Square or Somewhere
2015-04-30Emergency BackupMerchant Ale House or Gords or SheehansCall Someone if you can’t find usIn your ass
2015-04-16Jim!Tailgates Bar & GrillFitch Street & Prince Charles DriveFitch Street Plaza, next to the burned out Furniture store
2015-04-16Emergency BackupThe RexKing & LincolnNext to the bike racks
2015-04-02Mike BClubhouse NightRoad and DrivewayBetwixt your balls and anus
2015-03-26SteveCeltic PubUse Google Maps you Lazy FucksWhere you put your car
2015-03-12I.ForgetHooligansOut FrontOut Back
2015-02-26MikeBClubhouse, don’t hit my last remaining car!No where near my car, only got one left!Don’t park even close to my car! Park far away! Fuck Off!
2015-02-05SnowHaterCeltic ClubSecord and ScottOff the snow drifts
2015-01-22Birthday Boy - Mike G!Bugsy’sMy Balls, Your Chin!All Over Your Face!
2015-01-08VoteClubhouseCrysler and SummersAvoid the snow.
2014-12-08LastoneCeltic PubSecord and ScottAccordian Style
2014-11-27Gobble GobbleThe Reeb HouseHwy 3 & White Rd - Port ColborneYup
2014-11-13Lazy BastardsCeltic ClubSecord and ScottAnywhere but in the ditch
2014-10-30Mike BBugsy’s Lake and LakeshoreYou should know by now!
2014-10-16Wheel of WingsHooligan’s Sports BarPortage & O’NeilAngled for your pleasure
2014-10-13Mike BCeltic PubLake & SecordIn the Ditch
2014-10-02ChrisThe RegencyMountain Rd & QEWAll over the place
2014-09-18BHON 18th AnniversaryCeltic Pub Lake & SecordIn the Pooper
2014-09-04Mike GKim’s Wooden NicolLakeport & LinwellIn Front
2014-08-21mikebCats kitchen and barthoroldstone and dorchesterporking lol
2014-08-07The massesBugsy’sLake and LakeshoreTake the first available parking spot
2014-07-24SpudThe Celtic PubBetween Lake & Scott St.Tire side down
2014-06-26UsBugsy’sLake and LakeshoreWheels to the Ground
2014-06-12Feltcher & Fellate Saucapalooza 2014 ReduxBHON ClubhouseStreet & Driveway
2014-05-29Derek JHooligan’s Sports BarPortage Rd & O’Neil Ribbed for your mutual pleasure
2014-05-15Mike BReeb House Hwy 3Right next to the volleyball pits
2014-05-15Tommy Tuckaluk and his bandMoe’sHwy 3 / 140Out front if you can
2014-05-01Wang ChungCeltic PubLake & SecordUp Your Poop Chute
2014-04-17Rumple-ForeskinThe Griffon Pub165 Hartzel RdFront and Back
2014-04-03Random PickHooligansPortage and OneilAny way you can
2014-03-20Rumpel-ForeskinCat’s Kitchen and Bar - Niagara FallsThorold Stone & Dorchester RdAlong Side
2014-03-20Emergency BackupHooligan’sStamford Plaza - Portage & O’NeilAll over the Fucking place
2014-03-06Lazy FuckersCeltic ClubScottNot near the accidents
2014-02-20Saucapalooza 2014BHON Clubhouse Snow Road and Neige Drive.In the snowbank
2014-02-06Ejac-SnackersBugsy’sLake & LakeshoreBecause you fags didn’t pick anything....
2014-01-23Queen LaqueefaCeltic PubLake & SecordHopefully no BANG this time!
2014-01-09Dan & VickieBugsy’sLake & LakeshoreNear the icebergs
2013-12-12Last BHON of 2013!BHON ClubhouseNext to the Tomats in ThoroldMike B’s Driveway
2013-11-28Rob Ford Downtown Pub Crawl @ Fiddler’s Pour House149 St. Paul Street - Next to Pizza PizzaDon’t Park on the Crack Dealers!
2013-11-28Emergency Backup 1Merchant Ale HouseQueen & St. Paul - Across the StreetIn the Taint
2013-11-28Emergency Backup 2Patrick Sheehan’sQueen & St. PaulParallel Preferred
2013-11-28Emergency Backup 3Gord’s PlaceChurch & JamesA Long Cold Walk! Mind your testicles!
2013-11-14Poop DitchCeltic PubLake & SecordIn Front and Along Side
2013-10-24BHON Minister of BarsReeb House - going through the Round-about.Highway 3 & White RoadUsually a few
2013-10-03BHON SchedulerOlde Angel InnRegent & Queen- Possible Carpool details TBALittle to none
2013-09-19Mr. AnniversaryBugsy’sReally, if you’re a BHON Member and don’t know where it is... BANNED FOR LIFE!!Tons o’fun
2013-08-15MikeBBHON Clubhouse - Special Habanero sauce nightThoroldParallel and Angle only
2013-08-01Derek JTaps on Queen Brewhouse & GrillQueen and ValleywayIn Front
2013-07-18FuckSauceCeltic PubLake & SecordIn Front and Along Side
2013-07-04Shit DonkeyMike G’s PatioStreet and DrivewayUp your ass
2013-06-20Mike GPatio Night at Mike G’sHouse & DrivewayAll over the Fuckin place
2013-06-06Thor the Turd StabberHooters Niagara FallsFerry St & Victoria AveTBD - carpool details TBA
2013-05-23Throat JousterCeltic Pub Lake & SecordIn front and along side
2013-05-09Wheel of Wings (with help)Hemingway’s (formerly The Street)Ontario Street next to Jaycee ParkAnywhere you want (except on the lawn)
2013-05-09Emergency BackupKim’s Wooden Nichol (Not Ron Nichol ;)Lake and LakeportTight
2013-04-25BHON AdminSaucapalooza 2013 - BHON ClubhouseThoroldOn the neighbor’s lawn
2013-04-11Throat Yogurt & Tonsil PolishThe Celtic PubLake & SecordBetween the lines
2013-03-28Lord of LabiaThe Regency Athletic ResortMountain Rd & QEWNot on the Easter Bunny!
2013-03-14Special BHON NightGord’s PlaceDowntown You Find it Fags!Across the Street
2013-03-07CancelledCancelled due to lack of interestNowhereAt Home
2013-02-21FagCeltic PubLake & SecordYou wanna gimmie coupon?
2013-02-07Da GuysDa DuckOntario and somewhereDust bowl behind the building
2013-02-07Emergency BackupThe SyndicateOntario and up the roadAll around the building
2013-01-24Birthday BoyClub House NightThoroldAnywhere you want (except on the lawn)
2013-01-10First BHON of 2013!Bugsy’sLake & LakeshoreMucho
2012-12-27Holiday Hiatus---
2012-12-13BYOBBHON Clubhouse - Last of 2012!@ Mike BOn the Neighbour’s Lawn
2012-12-11Cum PonyCeltic PubLake & SecordNot in the ditch
2012-11-29Wheel of IndecisionThe Celtic PubSecond St between Lake & ScottIn Front and Alongside
2012-11-15Freddie Mercury and the Donkey PunchersGord’s PlaceJames St between Church & KingPark at Market Square
2012-11-01General IndecisionBHON Clubhouse@ Mike B’s HouseOn the Neighbour’s Lawn
2012-10-18Cockity McFuckNuggeetTJ’s Bar and GrillWelland Ave & GranthamBeaucoup
2012-10-04Throat YogurtSyndicate Brew PubAcross from the ParkwayYeah
2012-09-20BHON 16th Anniversary!Bugsy’sLake & LakeshoreLots
2012-09-06Strange Brew III - Beer Tasting and Movie NightBHON ClubhouseIn Thorold, exit HWY 58 - good luck!Watch da Tomat!
2012-08-23Dickie McSphincterThe Regency Sports BarMountain Rd & Kalar RdTons
2012-08-09Admin CouncilTaps on QueenQueen & ValleywayOut front or on street.
2012-07-26Mike GPatio Night at Mike GSecond Verse, Same as the FirstDriveway
2012-07-12Mike GPatio Night at Mike G’sWeather PermittingTBA
2012-06-28Lincoln County Pub CrawlKilt & Clover - BeamsvilleLincoln & King St - BeamsvilleIn front
2012-06-28Lincoln County Pub Crawl IIButcher & Banker PubOntario St - BeamsvilleMucho
2012-06-14Executive CouncilThe Red OnionLake & QEWIn Front or by Rexall
2012-05-31BHON AdminThe Reeb HouseHwy 3 & White Rd - Port ColborneBeside the volleyball court
2012-05-17BHON AdminNOTL Pub Crawl8:00pm - Irish Harp PubWatch Out for Road Apples!
2012-05-03VaginatorBugsy’sLake & LakeshoreParallel
2012-04-19Mike BMike B BHON Clubhouse NightRoad & DrivewayDonna parka onna da tomat
2012-04-05VickieChippawa HouseOnly fucking street in ChippawaGood luck
2012-04-05Emergency BackupTBD - Show up or fuck off!CockBalls
2012-03-22TurdKnockerThe Celtic PubLake St. & Secord Dr.In front and along side
2012-03-08MikeBMikeB Clubhouse night!My LawnDiagonal
2012-02-23Captain Fuckie McAnusDouble Z Neighbourhood Bar & GrillDawson & DorchesterIn front
2012-02-09MikeGHooligan’sStamford Plaza - Portage & O’NeilIn the Parking lot
2012-01-26The Purple HelmetThe Red OnionQEW & Lake StreetBy Rexall
2012-01-12Dr. McFucko & The CumspongeBugsysLake & LakeshoreOutside the Restaurant preferrably...
2011-12-15BHON Movie NightClubhouse (MikeB)Stay outta my kitchen!Don
2011-12-01BHONNew Wrigley’s FieldLake St & YMCA DriveAcross from Costco @ Best Western Hotel
2011-11-17ChrisDon Cherry’s Sports Bar7389 Lundy’s LaneRamada Plaza
2011-11-17Emergency BackupSyndicate Restaurant & Brewery6863 Lundy’s LaneAcross from Carpaccio
2011-11-03Steve BANG!Overtime PubFront St, ThoroldIn Front of the Front
2011-11-03Emergency BackupDonelly’sFront & SullivanDans the Fenetre avec le oiseau!
2011-10-20ChrisHoops Sports BarMontrose & McLeodBeside the Cineplex
2011-10-06BHONBHON 15th Anniversary @BugsysLakeshore and Freshwater body of water RdIn the mosh pit.
2011-10-04Proposed/PostponedBHON 15th AnniversaryTBDTBD
2011-09-08BANG!The Red Onion Bar & EateryTBDTBD
2011-08-25Purple Penis EaterThe *New* Reeb HouseHwy 3 & White Rd - Port ColborneJohn
2011-08-11BHON AdminTaps on Queen BrewpubQueen & Valleyway - Niagara FallsOut in front
2011-07-28Turd PolisherThe Celtic Pub14 Secord Dr, between Lake & ScottAlongside
2011-07-14Derek JHoops Sports BarMacLeod Rd & QEWNiagara Square by the Cineplex
2011-06-30Mike GMike G’s House (Patio Night)Patio & DrivewayRound in a circle
2011-06-16Executive CouncilBugsysLakeshore and dat udder rdClose to the Guinness Taps!
2011-06-02The PharohThe Street Tap & EateryOntario and LinwellNot on the patio!
2011-05-05SteveThe Red OnionLake & QEWLotsa
2011-04-21Mike HockWild WingGlendale & MerrittIn the LCBO/Sobeys Plaza
2011-04-07DanSomebuddy’sThorold Stone + Kalar RdMeh.
2011-03-24Wheel of Wings AGAINDonnelly’s Irish PubFront and SullivanWhere ever you can
2011-03-10SteveThe Lazy LizardOntario & QEWIn the parking lot you fucking retards
2011-02-24Mike BBugsysLake & LakeshoreIn honor of Steve
2011-02-10SteveOvertime Pub ThoroldFront and SullivanOff the snow drifts if you can!
2011-01-27MikeBHooligan’sPortage Rd & O’NeilIn the Snow
2011-01-13ChrisHoops Sports BarMacLeod Rd & Montrose Rd @ Niagara Square by the Cinema
2010-12-19Don CherryIHF World Junior Practice Bridge St & Fourth Ave - Niagara FallsGale Center 4-Plex
2010-12-16ChrisQueen’s QuardPortage Rd - ChippawaSorta
2010-12-02BHONThe Red Onion Bar & EateryLake St & QEW - St.CatharinesNext to Rexall drugs
2010-12-02Emergency BackupWrigley’s FieldOther Side of Lake & QEWYeah
2010-11-18MikeBBugsy’sLake + LakeshoreHonk for Valet Parking
2010-10-21JesusThe Red Onion Bar & EateryLake Street & South Service Rd @ QEWMucho next to Rexall Drugs
2010-10-21Emergency BackupWrigley’s FieldLake St + Other Side of the QEWAssloads
2010-10-07SteveOvertime PubFront St, ThoroldParallel
2010-09-23MikeBBHON 14 Anniversary @ Casa D’ Mike BCrysler + SummersDriveway, Street, Lawn
2010-09-09JohnnyZCanalside Pub & EateryWest St. & Clarence - Port ColborneNot in the Canal!
2010-08-26Mr. BANG!Bugsy’sLake & LakeshoreOutside
2010-08-11Soap in your PeeholeTaps on QueenQueen & Valleyway, Niagara FallsSteel Rod up your urethra
2010-07-29SphincterThe DuckOntario & GMIn the behind
2010-07-15MikeGThe StreetOntario St. next to Hakim OpticalThe Parking Lot
2010-06-17MikeGCasa de MikeGLake & LakeshoreIn the Driveway
2010-06-03DexLazy LizardOntario St & QEW North Service RdLots
2010-06-03Emergency BackupBugsy’sLake & LakeshoreAssloads
2010-05-20ChrisFrego’sLake & Secord DrNext to 7-11
2010-05-06Some Drunk FuckerBada Bing Road HousePrince Charles & MapleShould be some... if not there
2010-04-22Donkey FuckerDowntown St. Catharines Pub CrawlSt. Paul & William St.Parallel Generally
2010-04-08MikeBWrigley’s FieldLake & QEWFucktons
2010-04-05VickieChippawa houseOnly Street in ChippawaGood Luck
2010-03-25My NutsackNOTL Pub Crawl 2010Irish Harp Pub NOTLOutside
2010-03-11MikeBThe DuckOntario & GMIn the duck
2010-02-25Peter PenisheadHooligan’sPortage Rd & O’NeilStamford Green Plaza
2010-02-25Emergency BackupClancy’sStanley & ValleywayBeaucoups du parking
2010-02-11Your MomFlats Bar & GrillGlendale & Burleigh Hill DrAcross from the Crappy Tire
2010-02-11Emergency BackupCat’s CabooseGlenridge & Glen Morris DrNext to the Caboose
2010-01-28Colon BoyOvertime Pub (Formerly the Brownstone)19 Front Street N, ThoroldIn Front
2010-01-28Emergency BackupDonelly’sFront & SullivanMind the Garbage smell!!
2010-01-14Purple Penis EaterThe Reeb HouseSmokey Ave & Toast Dr.No Wait...Fuck!
2010-01-14Smokey the BearThe Station HouseCharcoal Rd & Flame On PkwyAh Fuck...not another one!
2010-01-14Steve JBugsy’sLake & LakeshoreYeah
2009-11-19BHONRomby’sLake & LinwellWatch out for the flying spaghetti
2009-11-05JohnnyZThe Reeb HouseAll sortsHighway 3 & White Rd.
2009-10-22AdminThe Golden Pheasant (The Duck)Ontario + GMHaphazardly
2009-10-08Steve JTime OutOntario St between Linwell & LakeportNext to Hakim Optical
2009-09-24BHON 13th AnniversaryBugsy’sLake & LakeshoreMucho Supremo
2009-09-10DanQueen’s QuardPortage Rd.Limited, try the church & legion
2009-08-27SteveDonnelly’s 54 Front St - ThoroldYa mon
2009-08-12Baby JesusTaps on Queen - Brewhouse and PubQueen and Valleyway - Niagara FallsOui Monsieur
2009-08-07Special BHON LunchTaps on Queen - Brewhouse and GrillQueen and Valleyway - Niagara FallsMucho
2009-07-30ChrisTaps on Queen Brewhouse and GrillQueen and Valleyway - Niagara FallsMucho
2009-07-30Emergency BackupWild MushroomVictoria & BenderPaid - Fuckers
2009-07-03PatrickBugsy’sLake + LakeshoreMundo
2009-07-02Birthday Boy Dan!Queen’s GuardPortage Rd - ChippawaOui Mon
2009-06-18Derek JSomebuddy’sThorold Stone + Kalar RdKinda
2009-06-04MikeBThe Fuckin’ Duck You Fucks!224 Ontario St - Near GMIn the Rear
2009-05-21CockmasterCat’s CabooseGlenridge & Glen MorrisBeaucoups du Parking
2009-05-21Emergency BackupLondon ArmsPen CenterNext to Purse World
2009-05-07MikeBBugsy’sLake & LakeshoreMucho
2009-04-23MikeBBHON ClubhouseStrange Brew II !!!!!! (Beer Tasting)Tomato Garden
2009-04-09DanThe BoathousePortage Rd & Niagara Parkway (The old ChTons
2009-03-26SherryThe Elbow RoomFitch Street & Prince Charles - WellandBeaucoup du parking pour les bicyclettes
2009-03-26BackupHandlebar HanksRice Rd & Thorold Rd - WellandAvec le oiseau
2009-03-12WheelofWingsPatrick SheehansSt. Paul & QueenParallel
2009-02-26SteveShoeless JoesFairview MallNear Zhers?
2009-02-12AdminBugsy’sLake & LakeshoreOui monsieur
2009-01-29DanQueen’s GuardPortage Rd - ChippawaGood Luck!
2009-01-29Emergency BackupHooters!!!Stanley & MurrayOnly 2 bucks!
2009-01-15BHON First Official BHON of 2009 - Bugsy’sNear the filthy smokersLake + Lakeshore
2009-01-08Special Pre-Season BHON KickoffDonelly’sFront & Clairmont, Thorold @ the Moose and Goose
2008-12-18Last BHON of 2008!TBATBATBA
2008-12-04MikeBBHON Clubhouse ThoroldNo Parka Onna de Tomat!
2008-11-20Steve JCheersOntario St.BANG!
2008-11-06Emergency Change of Location!!!Bugsy’sLake & LakeshoreIndeed
2008-10-23Johnny-ZThe Reeb HouseWhite St & Highway #3 - Port ColborneDon’t park in the canal
2008-10-23Emergency BackupCanalside Pub232 West Street - Port ColborneIn Front
2008-10-09Wheel Of WingsThe Brownstone Pub19 Front St. - ThroroldKinda
2008-09-25BHON 12th Anniversary!!!RickiJo’sWelland Ave & Bunting Rd.Mega
2008-09-11SomeoneMystic JacksNext DoorSt. Paul West + Louth St
2008-08-28DanQueen’s GuardPortage Rd - ChippawaYup
2008-08-14MikeBBHON ClubhouseThorold eh whattsa mattah?Dont hit the bike!
2008-07-31Captain FellatioPub Crawl - Port DalhousieStarting at Lion TavernPark at Mike G
2008-07-31Emergency BackupBugsy’sHell YeahHell Yeah
2008-07-31RMBLancer, Hartzel Rd8:00 AMBACON!
2008-07-17MikeGMike G’s PatioWeather DependantWatch out for Hummers
2008-07-17Emergency BackupMike G’s PatioDo a RaindanceYeah
2008-07-03Hugh G RectionThe DuckOntario Street & GMSorta
2008-06-19BANGJMackinaw’sPine Plaza, ThoroldDonna Parka Onna da Tomat
2008-06-19Emergency BackupThe Brownstone PubFront Street, ThoroldOn Street
2008-06-05BANG JBugsy’sWhere two streets intersect...In your ass!
2008-05-22MikeBRickijo’sBunting And WellandMega
2008-05-08Derek MThe Wild Mushroom Sports Bar5633 Victoria Avenue, Niagara FallsThe the Ghetto
2008-05-08Emergency BackupHootersStanley & MurrayGood Luck
2008-04-24Salty Piss FlapsNOTL Pub CrawlMeet at Vaxxine 7:30pmCarpool Info TBA
2008-04-10DanBugsy’sLake + LakeshoreYay
2008-03-27Chris and DanChippawa House Hotel3876 Main St. - ChippawaYup
2008-03-27Emergency BackupQueens Guard PubPortage Rd - ChippawaYah
2008-03-13MikeBBHON ClubhouseCasa d’ Mike BKeep off the grass!
2008-02-28Hugh JorganCheers - Music Trivia!Ontario Street - St. CatharinesMucho
2008-02-14TBATBAValentines day - married guys beware!TBA
2008-01-31MikeBMikeMikes House request directions if neededDonna Park onna da Tomat
2008-01-17JohnHootersStanley Ave - Niagara FallsGood Luck
2008-01-03ChrisSomebuddy’sThorold Stone + Kalar RdGood Luck!
2007-12-20SteveMacinaw’sPine PlazaNot on da tomat!
2007-11-22MikeBWrigley’s FieldLake + QEWDon
2007-11-08AdminBugsy’sLake + LakeshoreGobs
2007-10-25Master BatesQueens Guard PubPortage Rd - ChippawaWhere U put yer car
2007-10-11Spooge-TubesBrownstone Pub19 Front St, ThoroldWho the Fuck Knows?
2007-10-11Emergency BackupMackinaw’sPine Street Plaza, ThoroldPine Street - Duh!?!?
2007-09-2711th BHON Anniversary!RickiJo’sWelland & BuntingWal-Mart Sized
2007-09-13FucknutCheers - St. CatharinesOntario StreetLOL Falling rocks on Ron
2007-08-30DanThe Golden PheasantOntario StreetAcross from GM
2007-08-30Backup SpotCheersOntario StreetFuck Yeah
2007-08-16BHON ExecutiveHonest LawyerDowntownTry not to get ripped off
2007-08-02MikeGMike GCircle the WagonsDriveway Duh?
2007-07-19ChrisFlaming AssholesLundy’s Lane & Poopchute Rd.Up the Ass
2007-06-28Special Emergency BHONPort or Bugsy’sRendezvous @ Mike G’s HouseMike
2007-06-07CommitteeThe Moose + GooseFront Street, ThoroldOn the Street and Round Back
2007-05-24AdminThe Irish Harp Pub - NOTL245 King StCarpool from Vaxxine - 7:30pm
2007-05-10Schiesse MessiahDowntown St. Kitts - Pub CrawlStart at Patrick SheehanParallel
2007-04-26Johnny ZCanal Side Pub & Eatery232 West Street, Port ColborneIn the Canal
2007-04-12Birthday SteveCheersOntario StreetLeft & Right
2007-03-29MikeBBugsysLake + LakeshoreSouth side
2007-03-15PUB CRAWL 1Start - J Taps Bar and EateryBunting Road Run! 300 Bunting
2007-03-15PUB CRAWL 2Fuglys Cafe + PubBunting Road Run!278 Bunting
2007-03-15PUB CRAWL 3RickiJo’sBunting Road Run!286 Bunting
2007-03-01BHONCarley’sBHON Hartzel Road Run! Merrit Just Past Train Bridge
2007-02-15BHONMovie Night - Weather Pending!Borat On A Plane!Check tomorrow for weather related info
2007-02-01SteveMackinaws ThoroldPine St.Gobs
2007-01-18AdminCheers St. CatharinesOntario St.BANG!